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Sustainability Policy ("Savannah Way")

Leadership brings responsibility and commitment. As one of the worlds largest sustainability companies, we recognize that our actions have a great impact across the globe. The sustainable business practices we adopt influence not only our own activities and employees, but our suppliers and their suppliers, our customers and their customers, and above all the communities where we do business.

Using the classic definition of sustainability as "developments that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs", we believe that SAVANNAH has a lot to be proud of in our sustainable business practices, simply known in our company as the "Savannah Way". In furtherance of our pursuit of sustainability, we at Savannah publicly proclaim our commitment and values as follows:

Our Commitment

We have an unwavering commitment to our stakeholders - those people and organizations upon whom we depend for our success. This commitment extends to:

  • Our Employees, by embracing diversity and inclusion, providing a safe and healthy workplace, encouraging proper work-life balance, compensating them fairly, treating them with respect, valuing their feedback and development, and empowering them to provide their best contribution.
  • Our Customers, by anticipating their sustainability and other needs, respecting their privacy, and delivering them high quality, safe and effective products and services under the conditions we promise.
  • Our Owners, by providing them a fair return on their investment in socially and environmentally friendly way- Our Triple Bottom Line Business Model.
  • Our Suppliers & other Business Partners, by aiding their economic success and working with them to find the best solutions for our customers as well as society and the environment.
  • Our Communities, through the active citizenship, thoughtful giving and respect for the environment.


Our Values

In fulfilling our commitment to our stakeholders, we will do so by upholding those values we hold dear. These values include:

  • Transparency & Integrity, building trust in our organization, our associates and our products and services, by being open and honest in our communications, obeying the law and meeting our high ethical standards.
  • Quality & Continuous Improvement, understanding the success is only possible through meeting stakeholder expectations, properly managing risks, and achieving ongoing improvement through the dedication, innovation and perspiration.
  • Teamwork, working in a collaborative way to produce the best outcomes for all. As a team, we highly embrace the principles of "Ubuntu - A Zulu word that describes a group characterized by dignity, mutual respect, and unity of purpose".
  • Accountability, acknowledge that success for our stakeholders will depend upon our delivering the results we promise.

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