Corn Plastic Compostable Clear Cold Cups iReduceiReuseiRecycle Compostable Stripped Cold Cups
Cup Carriers
1-Comp. (6x6x3.4) Bagasse Compostable Food Container, Small 1-Comp. (9x9x3.4) Bagasse Compostable Large Clamshell 1-Comp.(9X6X3.4)Oblong Clamshell 16-oz Compostable Soup Container 2-Comp.(9x6x3), Bagasse Large Clamshell 3-Comp.(9x9x3) Bagasse Compostable Food Container, Large 6" x 6" x 3" Compostable Clear Hinged Clamshell 8" x 8"x 3" Compostable Clear Hinged Clamshell
Dome Cold Cup Lids Flat Cold Cup Lids Hot Cup Lids Salad Bowl Lids Soup Container Lids
10oz CPLA Biodegradable Reusable 9oz CPLA Biodegradable Reusable
Bowls Plates Plates & Bowls - Retail Pack
Hot Cup Sleeves Napkins
5-Compartment Trays 6-Compartment Trays
Cutlery Kits Forks Knives Spoons Stirrers
iReduceiReuseiRecycle Stripped Hot Cups Sugarcane Fiber Hot Cups

Product Information

Product Information

The Green Movement is gaining momentum as a result of our unbridled growth and exploitation. The key now is sustainability i.e. "Satisfying human needs today while protecting the environment for future generations". A sustainable approach considers the environmental impact at every stage of a product's life cycle and takes responsibility for resource conservation, production efficiency and the provision of healthy alternatives.


Why NatureHouse

The products in this site have all been manufactured in accordance with sustainability principles, and are in full compliance with U.S. FDA Guidelines. NatureHouse products by SAVANNAH are pleased to offer these environmentally friendly alternatives. Live & Love Green. See products for more details.

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