Corn Plastic Compostable Clear Cold Cups iReduceiReuseiRecycle Compostable Stripped Cold Cups
Cup Carriers
1-Comp. (6x6x3.4) Bagasse Compostable Food Container, Small 1-Comp. (9x9x3.4) Bagasse Compostable Large Clamshell 1-Comp.(9X6X3.4)Oblong Clamshell 16-oz Compostable Soup Container 2-Comp.(9x6x3), Bagasse Large Clamshell 3-Comp.(9x9x3) Bagasse Compostable Food Container, Large 6" x 6" x 3" Compostable Clear Hinged Clamshell 8" x 8"x 3" Compostable Clear Hinged Clamshell
Dome Cold Cup Lids Flat Cold Cup Lids Hot Cup Lids Salad Bowl Lids Soup Container Lids
10oz CPLA Biodegradable Reusable 9oz CPLA Biodegradable Reusable
Bowls Plates Plates & Bowls - Retail Pack
Hot Cup Sleeves Napkins
5-Compartment Trays 6-Compartment Trays
Cutlery Kits Forks Knives Spoons Stirrers
iReduceiReuseiRecycle Stripped Hot Cups Sugarcane Fiber Hot Cups

Company Information

About Us

Savannah Corp is a 100% certified MBE, HUB-Texas, dependable sustainable solutions company.
Savannah was established by partners who realized the need of being good steward of the environment. Together with their stakeholders, they're building a company dedicated and committed to environmental stewardship and social responsibility, by providing one-stop convenient source for sustainable food packaging products, organic coffee & tea, and energy efficient light bulbs.


Our Vision

At Savannah, we believe that being an efficient and successful profitable business, and being a good steward of the environment are goals that can be achieved concurrently. That's why we strive to be your preferred supplier of high quality sustainable products and services; and doing so at the lowest cost and highest customer & safety standards.


Our Mission

To constantly work in partnership with our stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, and communities where we operate), finding new ways to improve and promote sustainability practices, and expand relationships.


Our Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Reliability and Trust while preserving 100% commitment to environmental and social responsibility.


Our Products & Services

Our value added products and services stands apart and makes a difference by:

  • Saving our environmental-conscious customers money
  • Offering biodegradability or Compostability
  • Using recycled materials &/or reuse/recharge existing parts to conserve precious resources
  • Are manufactured by non-toxic alternatives
  • Energy and water efficiency
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Fairly traded to deliver social responsibility


Our Customers

Our customer base is corporations, government agencies, medical and academic institutions, schools and churches, small businesses, and assorted customers who would like to contribute to environmental stewardship and social responsibility through green procurement.


Our Partners

At Savannah, we believe that business is built on good customer relationships and partnerships. Each business journey starts with a dream, and inspiration. Our inspiration is knowing that what we do makes a difference for present and future generations. We envision working together with all concerned to promote environmental stewardship and social responsibility; while at the same time participate in the 21st century program to thwart global warming.

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